Space Maker Typeface
A typographic tribute to the American artist, Donald Judd.
DateSep–Nov 2020
RoleDisplay Typeface
Specimen Book
Specimen Poster
3D Kinetic Prototype
Oesol International Typography
Awards 2023
Special thanks to Chang Sik Kim
Type Design
Editorial Design

Donald Clarence Judd sought autonomy and clarity for the constructed object along with the space it inhibits. If one were to say he strived for minimalism, he would say they had already missed the point.

I designed this experimental typeface based off Judd’s radical work and ideologies, which continue to provoke the fields of art, architecture, and design today.
Structural, geometric, and dimensional lines were sketched to emulate the same ethos of Judd's work.
In addition, a type specimen book, poster, and 3D model were created to further detail and explore the nature of the letterforms.
3D Model
After designing the letterforms digitally, I physically deconstructed the uppercase “A” and put it back together to produce a form that interacts with space differently at different angles.
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