Pandemic Action Network
Revamping the digital presence of an organization geared for pandemic preparedness.
DateJun–Aug 2021
Internship at Evoke Giant
RoleArt Direction
Interface Design
Brand Identity
Brand Style Guide
Presentation Deck
ClientPandemic Action Network
TeamBrandon Huynh (Art Direction)
Elise Davis (Design)
Elizabeth Mendez (Design)
Krystal Lau (UI/UX)
During my internship at Evoke Giant, my group was pitted against another group of interns to see who could out-pitch the other. Ultimately, the client chose our direction thanks to our thorough presentation and our thoughtful design outcome.

•  Art Direction for New Creative
•  Developed Identity System + Guidelines
•  Hi-fi Layouts + Prototypes
•  Presentation Deck
Pandemic Action Network is a robust global partnership of 350+ diverse organizations dedicated to better preparing humanity in dealing with future outbreaks and preventing deadly, and costly, pandemics.
Our Challenge•  Redesign the Network’s site architecture
•  Tactics to enhance their digital presence
•  A visual identity that accurately reflects their purpose
Audits & insights
Assessing the Site

The prior identity felt cold, corporate, and devoid of any representation of the organization’s goals and aspirations were. Additionally, it was very thorough, but to the point where the sheer amount of copy would overwhelm a user’s ability to want to digest it.

The image below is the only visual artifact I have from the previous site. I regret not capturing screenshots of the original... but if you can imagine if Wikipedia was branded with the colors below, that's essentially what it looked like.
Site architecture
Restructuring Content

The Network existed to serve as a resource hub between its partners and the public, so we had to keep accessibility in mind when designing for both demographics.

Wireframes were designed reflecting our proposed site architecture. Content was condensed and pages were reorganized in dropdown menus in the navigation—a feature that wasn't utilized in the original website navigation.
curating visuals
Introducing Warmth

Images were chosen with a point-of-view composition in mind to promote intimacy driven by the small, meaningful moments we experience in life.
hi-fidelity surfaces
The Who and the Why

Since the landing page was going to have the most traffic, we wanted it to emotionally resonate as much as possible—especially for the rebrand. I actively avoided photos of people wearing masks in an effort to be non-cliché.

The new landing speaks to the “why” of the organization and reflects how the pandemic affected our lives, all while instilling hope for the future. The nav bar conforms to the shape of the logo—embracing it, instead of forcing it into a narrow space.
hi-fidelity surfaces
The Home Page

What was originally 90% copy and a long scroll of dense information was transformed into purpose driven copy and increased media.
hi-fidelity surfaces
About + Partners

Pages were combined for users to find more into about the Network and its accomplishments in one place. New media such as video was proposed to better engage and connect the Network to audiences. The lengthy list of partners expands from the home page to its own dedicated page, where more info can be found.
hi-fidelity surfaces
News + Policy & Advocacy

For news pages, a filter function allows users to use keywords in their searches to stay updated easier. More forms of social media are shown to highlight the impact of the Network.
hi-fidelity surfaces
Campaigns + Involvement

Campaigns were organized onto their own page to better focus audience attention on them and potentially drive further action. An involvement page was added to emphasize the CTA.
Huge shoutout to our creative lead, Allie Gewerts, for guiding this group of interns through this substantial effort. It’s super fulfilling (especially as an intern) to have contributed to work a client appreciated and eventually shipped.

To my fellow interns, thank you for being such an open-minded and collaborative group to work with.

Lastly, to my managers: Dana Flowerman, Melissa White, and Stephanie Pipes, I am eternally grateful for your nurturing care and support throughout my internship. I was quite anxious as it was my first time working at an agency of this scale, but you all made it such a safe space for me to learn and grow.

You can view the live site here.
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