A State of Catastrophe
Visualizing a decade of California's top deadliest wildfires.
DateApr–May 2021
Role2D Infographic
3D Infographic Model
Motion Infographic

SkillsData Visualization
Motion Graphics
Layout Design
3D Prototyping
I researched past wildfire incidents, their stories, and the lives they affected, in order to find the "invisible" narrative within the data. The data portrays California's top 44 deadliest wildfires within the past decade to highlight its unique relationship with climate change.
Documenting the Numbers
Statistics were compiled from The Department of Forestry and Fire Protection at fire.ca.gov.
2d translation
Infographic Poster

The infographic highlights the correlation between the increase in human activity with the increase of occurrences and intensity of wildfires over time.

Take a closer look here.
3d translation
Data made Tactile

A symmetrical form was chosen in order to amplify the contrast between wildfires and the human population in California.

Inside panels are burnt and scorched to emphasize the damage caused annually by wildfires that often goes unnoticed.
A State of Catastrophe Project Image
a human touch
Adding Empathy

The addition of personal accounts serve as a reminder to how devastating and tragic wildfires can be.