Loki Credit Sequence
My own rendition of one of Marvel Studios' earliest TV series credit sequences.
DateApr–May 2022
RoleAnimated Credit Sequence

SkillsMotion Graphics
Loved the show, so I had to animate my own rendition of its credit sequence—inspired by the motifs and events from the series. Light spoilers ahead if you haven't seen it.

Loki is one of Marvel Studios' earliest TV series streaming on Disney+. The god of mischief stumbles in and out of time, meeting variant versions of himself, and slowly realizes just how much the universe does not revolve around him.
Envisioning the Flow
Motion takes inspiration from the concepts of alternate realities and branching timelines.
Visual style
Noise and Grain

Noise and grain emulate the texture of sand, inspired by the sand in hourglasses, while glowing elements evoke a sense of mystery.