Blok Party
Encouraging more sun care with sustainable design.
DateOct–Nov 2021
RoleBrand Identity
Packaging Design
Brand Guidelines
3D Rendering
Materials Research
CreditsGuidance from
Joe Miller
SkillsSustainable Design
Materials Design
Graphic Design
3D Rendering
I conceptualized and executed the packaging design, brand identity, style guide, graphics, and 3D renders for this suncare brand that aims to encourage daily skin protection—placing sustainability at the forefront of the design process.

Blok Party aims to stand out on the shelves with its fun, punchy personality to encourage more people to protect their skin and planet, wherever they go.
ChallengePropose a sustainable packaging series using multiple form factors to differentiate various sunscreen formulas, to help combat the issue of plastic pollution.
SolutionA compact, refillable packaging series that encourages more daily application—all made via a single material-based process.
MARKET space
Why sunscreen?
I began paying attention more to skincare and skincare products when I started seeing, and feeling, the effects reflected on my face due to aging and lack of care. I too am guilty of letting bottles of sunscreen expire from simply not using them.

This made me think about how wasteful we are as a society when it comes to the way products are sold and produced. I began to research materials, sustainable processes, and reusable packaging concepts.

While looking through existing products, I found that almost everything suncare related typically fell into two categories in regard to how they are marketed. I made it a goal to stray away from these approaches to populate a new space in the market.
early ideation
Early Concepts and Sketches
Outlandish forms were initially explored for uniqueness. However, the final direction opts to stand out graphically, rather than physically.
Visual Language
Inspired by the 90s retro aesthetic, the brand aims fun energy for younger demographics while striking a nostalgic childhood trip for older generations.
packaging design
Packaging Design
Compact portability was a huge factor. To encourage more skin protection, people first have to want to carry it around.
Lotion Bottles
3 x 1.5 x 5 in.
Bottles use a compact block shape, eliminating annoying or uncomfortable bulges in bags, backpacks, or purses.
Spray Bottles
3 x 1.5 x 5.5 in.
Non-aerosal continuous spray bottles use the same dimensions with the exception of a half-inch added in height for the nozzle.
Mini Bloks
2 x 0.375 x 3 in.
Mini Bloks are refill compatible with both lotion or spray formulas. When using the spray formula, it will function more as a spritzer.
To help combat plastic pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, all bottles are single material based, consisting 100% of PHA bioplastic. Labelless labels are printed directly onto bottles using non-toxic algae based ink.