Memory Lane App
An adventurous spin on connection and social interaction.
DateApr–May 2021
RoleArt Direction
Interaction Design
App Design
User Experience
User Research
User Testing
AwardsNVIDIA Shark Tank 1st Place
Recognition 2021
TeamBrandon Huynh
Mary Gutierrez
Tanya Shrivastava
This project was a "Start-Up Battle" between multiple groups of designers. Each presented their concepts to a panel of Nvidia "sharks" who picked my team as the winners, thanks to our clear and upfront presentation of our concept and process.

Made in collaboration with Mary Elaine Gutierrez and Tanya Shrivastava.

I led the creative direction and worked with my team to interview, user test, and prototype an app that puts an outdoorsy spin on socially-distant human interaction.
Our initial challenge was to research and synthesize user behaviors to conceptualize a new form of interaction in the form of a mobile app.

The COVID-19 Pandemic drastically changed the way we socially engaged. Quarantine and social distancing prohibited us from interacting how we normally would. Memory Lane explores the niche space pertaining to outdoor adventures, geocaching, and social media.
physical interaction
How it Works
Memories are hidden in the form of keys and reveal themselves once you physically reach their location.
Synthesizing Our Findings
Multiple rounds of interviews and storyboarding sessions were done to refine the focus and functions of the app, as well as potential user journeys.
User flows
Using the App
The following UI flows demonstrate the main user experience where people can discover memories left by others, or leave some of their own for others to find.