Stamps for Jack Stauffacher
Commemorating one of the twentieth century master printers.
DateMarch 2021
RolePostage Stamp Design
Stamp Panel Design
Type Experimentation

Layout Design
Jack Stauffacher was an American printer, typographer, publisher, and educator who possessed a love for type and print. This commemorative stamp panel pays tribute to a man I never met, yet has changed the way I see type with his fearless experimentation that brought an emotive quality to letterforms and how they interact.
2.9 x 3.8 cm.
Micro levels of hierarchy were exercised when designing the compositions and layouts for each individual stamp.
Panel Design
21.59 x 27.59 cm.
On the other hand, a macro level approach was taken for the panel. Negative space, flow, and visual weight were carefully scrutinized when determining the placement for all visual elements.
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